The use of ride sharing apps is steadily growing. These services offer convenience and provide a cost efficient transportation solution for their users. The recent Lyft and Uber IPOs suggest that these types of services will only continue to grow and be more prevalent in our community.

The number of accidents associated with the ride sharing apps will also continue to grow. Ride sharing drivers have a number of distractions. They have to pay attention to their phones while they are driving. They are often using the ride sharing app, paying attention to the GPS and are looking around to find addresses and their passengers. Everybody knows that distracted drivers lead to accidents.

These types of personal injury claims are unique because of the auto insurance coverage. In some circumstances, the driver’s personal auto insurance would cover the damages caused by an accident. In other circumstances, the ride sharing apps’ insurance will cover damages. This insurance coverage scenario is further complicated by the fact that ride sharing drivers are “independent contractors” and not employees of the ride-sharing app.

The laws surrounding ride-sharing apps are constantly changing. M. Koes Law, LLC knows how to handle these types of personal injury cases. If you were injured while riding in Uber or Lyft, contact us and schedule a free consultation to discuss your rights.